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Organic Soak & Serve

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Part Number:1571-2-2
  • Protein rich sprouting mix
  • Made, fresh from certified organic ingredients.
  • All natural, preservative free, no chemicals, no soy, no corn, no GMO and no added sodium or sugars. 100% sulphate free.

Organic Soak Only & Serve Mix, developed by an expert in Eclectus Parrot Nutrition.

Add variety to your parrot's diet, alternating our sprouting mixes and include this to your fresh chopped diet.  This mix is rich in calcium and Omega 3 fatty acids.  

Transitioning your bird from an all seed diet?  Soak & Serve looks like a seed mix therefore helps with the switch to a fresh food diet.

Sprouting and soaking is a great way to provide nutrition for your companion parrot.  Easily digested, rich in antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and proteins.  

Sold in 400 gram bags.

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