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About Us

Avian Organics© is a well established business with tried and true recipes that parrots and birds love.  We have been in business for over 10 years operating out of the West Coast of Canada providing healthy food options for birds and parrots around the world.  The founder's knowledge of whole and organic foods for her own family and companion parrots was shared with the world out of love and care through Avian Organics©

Avian Organics© products are 100% organic; every ingredient is either certified organic (USDA or other certification) or from local organic or organic transitional farms, using only the finest natural human grade ingredients. We ensure that we use no cheap fillers such as corn, peanuts or soy in our line of parrot foods and treats with no mysterious fortifiers or synthetic vitamins or additives and no soy or peanuts.  

We make all our foods fresh in small batches to ensure only the highest of quality.  Our Avian Organics© kitchen is used for the sole purpose of our products in a bird free environment.

Avian Organics maintains a licensing agreement with KAMUT® International; we proudly use various KAMUT® Brand products in several original Avian Organics products. 

Drop us a note, we would love to hear from you!